DAHAO Stepping Motor Driver

DAHAO Stepping Motor Driver

Product Description

Model YRA-SMD-32A
Phase /line 3/3
Motor Qty2
Current /phase (A): 3-4.7A virtual value
PowerSingle phase AC110-265V
Inputting signal level CMOS fall edge is effect /TTL if required
Minimum stepping angle: 0.0225
DimensionL *W *H mm: 268*180*148
Usage: For 3-Phase motors (And permit Dahao 3-Phase motors)
Weight: 4.2KG, Gross weight: 5KG

Operation instruction of SMD32A1 drive

The drives controlled by the three-phase micro-step driving system are mainly used for driving frame movement of the embroidery machine which uses the three-phase stepping motor; It can also be used at some other occasions where the three-phase stepping motor is used. It has the following features:

The motor once moves 16000 steps, rotates 360°and make the motor running more stable, lower the noise effectively and improve the torque-frequency characteristics greatly.

Load: Three-phase composite-bedplate stepping motor
Load connect modes: Y/, mode is recommended.
Stepping angle: 0.36°, 0.45°, 0.9°, 0.36°is recommended.
Working voltage: Range AC85~265V, AC220V and AC110 are recommended.
Output phase current: 1.8A~5A Amplitude value should be adjusted according to the connection mode and the rated current.
Overflow protection: 10A
PWM carrier frequency: 17.5KHZ
Command signals: START, CW, CCW are current signals, virtual value is 10mA, the levels amplitude value of the signal is 12V;

The factory signal polarity is negative;

AL+ signal is the output signal when the collector circuit is open, the output current is 30mA.

START signal is the drive allowable working and half-current signal; The falling edge means permission, rising edge means half-current and prohibitive.

The virtual edge of CW and CCW is falling edge.

The falling edge of START past10us, then start CW or CCW.

It needs N+1 pulses to run N stepping angles.

Rotary direction of the motor: If the rotary direction of the motor is contrary to the initialization, we can exchange any two wires in the connection wires.

Others: The crust of the drive and the motor crust should be connected by wire whose sectional area is no less than the connection wire; The crust of the drive should be connected with the power supply port by ground wire.

DIP-switch: 4, 3, 2 and 1 are electric current adjusting signals, DIP status and outputting peak value are as follows (0.36°):

Note: All the DIP-switch must be electrified again after resetting.

Default setting:

1. DIP switch setting when it is used as drive for 3-phase stepping motor:

2578 are set to ON, the left ones are set to OFF.

2. DIP switch setting when it is used as drive for 2-phase stepping motor:

135 are set to ON, the left ones are set to OFF.

3. DIP switch setting is decided by the motor types and motors amount when it is used for driving multi-combined 2-phase 42-dimension standard motors. Regulations are as the following items;

A. 5 is set to ON, 678 are all set to OFF, 1234 are set according to d item.

B. The motor connection can refer to diagram 2.

C. The rated current value of the motor must be less than 0.5A.

D. The current of the driver can be figured out by the following formula:

Drive current=Amount of motor * Rated current of motor * Apply quotiety

Hereon, Apply quotiety value should be at the range of 0.5 to 0.8 and decided according to temperature rising and output torque of the motor.

Whats more, the Drive current cant be figure out to bigger than the maximum value of the amperemeter displaying.

Finally, choose appropriate current grade according to Drive current to set the grades of 1, 2, 3 and 4.
DIP switchOutput current peak valueADIP switchOutput current peak valueA
4, 3 , 2, 1 4,3,2,1 

6 and 5 are angle adjusting signals; DIP status and angle are as follows;
6,    5Angle
ON,  ON0.9
ON, OFF0.45
OFF, ON0.36

7 is half-current chosen signals, the corresponding relation of DIP states and half current value is as follows;
7Half current rate
ON20% half current
OFF50% half current

8 is 2-phase/3-phase driver chosen signal, the corresponding relation of DIP states and motor types is as follows;
8Motor types
ONused as driver for 3-phase stepping motor
OFFused as driver for 2-phase stepping motor

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